In 2017, Gabriella Martin, using her knowledge of apparel merchandising, founded Address Pending Co. When asked about the meaning of Address Pending, Gabriella explained that to say something is pending is to say it is supposed to happen; that it hasn't happened yet.  Your story is always pending, as is your address. The best day of your life is pending. Your greatest success, pending.

"Address Pending Co. aims to inspire a generation to look past themselves and into the bigger picture. The picture of life, of engagement, of conversation.  If we can drive people to hear and know that they are seen, known and valuable, we’ve done good."  With each purchase of APCo. merchandise, a proceed sharing donation is utilized to create awareness around suicide prevention.

The company is on its way to success with the online sales of Tees and Pullovers with simple messages that evoke strong emotions.  The website,, went live in 2017, and within the first five months the company was in the black. Sales have remained constant, and the team has been able to expand into new product lines.


SCORE mentors, Jim Davis and Jerry Hoffman offered fashion advice to make her product line stand out, connected her with a few suppliers, and suggested she test her fashion at Dallas Merchandise Center.


SCORE attorney-mentor Rita Leader helped guide Gabriella through the process of establishing a LLC, registering for sales tax permits, and obtaining appropriate releases from the models for the products.



In Gabriella’s words: “Keep your head up because the best is yet to come – and find help when you need it. Thank you, SCORE mentors, for helping Address Pending Co. become a reality.”


About the Author(s)

 Rita  Leader

An attorney who has practiced corporate law for over 26 years, with legal experience in capital formation, business organizations, acquisitions and dispositions, ownership and management control issues. She has represented individual entrepreneurs, small corporations, and large publicly held corporations, specializing in corporate finance and securities, and general business. 

Business Mentor, SCORE Houston