From top left Amy Hagler and Carrie Stuart (Owners – Mobile, Alabama)
From bottom left Dan Strange and Marcia Strange (Owners - Houston, TX)
The location in the Heights (715 West 22nd Street) is a perfect fit: close to downtown and situated in a trendy neighborhood with lots of young professionals. Contact: marcia@crew-fitness, 650.483.1154

It seems so fitting that Dan Strange, an active duty Coast Guard serviceman and his wife Marcia, an elementary school teacher would want to own a fitness studio named Crew Fitness.  Stationed in Mobile, Alabama, they both joined the original studio started by two friends and fell in love with the concept.  Upon returning home to Houston, they became the first owners to launch a Crew Fitness outside of Mobile.

The problems arose in August, 2017 when Hurricane Harvey hit.  Construction was scheduled around that time and kept getting postponed repeatedly with the strains on the construction industry during the recovery.

Faced with such hurdles, Marcia and Dan turned to SCORE.  Our SCORE team, comprised of David Askenase, Mike Fadden and Sue Phalen helped by providing legal, management and marketing advice.

“SCORE was a great resource,” claims Marcia.  “They helped me to learn how to think like a business owner and inspired me to educate myself on all aspects of business.  Also, they offer many free and affordable business training sessions.”

Crew Fitness Houston has launched. The dark walls and blue lights give the studio a high energy atmosphere that motivates clients to work hard while also having fun.  The exercise routines led by Dan or Marcia using rowing machines are designed to be high-intensity, providing a full body workout that satisfies the most avid fitness fans and low-impact enough to allow even pregnant moms to stay fit well into their second trimester.  The hours of operation are before and after work and are focused on helping professionals fit their fitness routines around busy lives.

The social media campaign prior to the Grand Opening on May 4, 2019 was a success creating a strong following and enrollment of founding memberships.  A large crowd of members and prospective members came to celebrate, walking, biking and even driving 15 minutes to check out the new concept. They see clear sailing and sunny skies ahead. 


David Askanase


Mike Fadden


Sue Phalen



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