Justin Patterson bought a food truck and reserved a business name, Tastee Buddies.  The truck requires some vehicle upgrades to meet the new rules for a city of Houston permit.  He spent $20,000, mostly for the fire suppression system that all food vendors are now required to have.  He came to SCORE and the mentors below helped him fine-tune his business plan.

Martin Kaplan and I (Bill Horwitz) visited TasteeBuddies which is Justin Patterson’s newly opened food truck business.  Because we arrived early, we were able to see his refitted kitchen, try some of his food, and discuss the placement of his vehicle and signs.  He has been open a little over 2 weeks, currently operating Wednesday trhu Sunday from noon to 10. His host owns the adjoining frozen custard shop which seems to attract a steady flow of customers, although only a few have come over to check him out.  He is asking for ideas about how to market himself and his food offerings on his very limited budget.

A team of SCORE mentors worked together to contribute to Justin’s success. 


Bill Horwitz

Martin Kaplan 




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SCORE Client Launches his Food Truck