Creating a Sales plan February 21, 2022, 10:00am CST February 21, 2022, 12:00pm CST
on line webinar

This class is for business owners and sales professionals who want to improve their ability to set meaningful goals and build a sales behavioral plan
Achieving sales success requires a well-developed sales plan. This includes establishing your sales goals, defining the behaviors for the goals, and finding the best process to achieve your goals. Join us and discover how to create a well-defined sales plan which will help you achieve your sales goals.
• Determining right sales goals for your business
• Identifying the behaviors needed for those goals
• Examining the various tools you can use to achieve your goals such as time-blocking, task-batching, and day-theming

Presenter: Neal Benedict President & Founder, Silver Brick Sales Solutions
Neal believes that sales is the noblest of professions. Neal founded Silver Brick in 2015 to help small and medium businesses understand, appreciate and excel at sales. Silver Brick builds sales strategy and implements sales plans focused on people, process and tools as a foundation for the client’s success. Neal is also a Sandler Training partner delivering world-class sales training for salespeople and sales management. Neal helps good sales teams become great through consistent training and coaching. Neal’s goal is to ensure that everyone he comes into contact with has a better understanding and appreciation of the sales profession.