Every business owner would like to grow their Business, how can you achieve this September 7, 2022, 10:00am CDT September 7, 2022, 12:00pm CDT
on line webinar

Set Clear mission and vision - clear vision and mission help the business firms to develop a concrete concept of working. That lets the firm to boost its production and easy attainment of its objectives. Clear, well-defined goals can help your business grow, achieve your objectives. improve teamwork and collaboration. help everyone understand the direction your business is heading in.
Your business objectives, are the steps your business needs to take in order to achieve those bigger goals. They are the operational, production, and sales levers that you use to achieve business success.
SWOT analysis understand your strength and weakness
What does your company’s financials indicate
Do you have the support of your employees to take the Business to the next level Have you developed a growth plan.
Presenter; Hank Cardarelli, a SCORE mentor, began his career working in a family owned furniture retail business in NYC. He left to work with several paper and packaging companies holding management positions in finance, marketing and operations. In retirement, Hank volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, a non-profit building water treatment systems and has been a SCORE Mentor for over 11 years in Charleston, SC and more recently in Houston