Sales Clinic-What Value are you Bringing to Your Sales Conversations? September 29, 2022, 6:00pm CDT September 29, 2022, 8:00pm CDT
Zoom Workshop

As we continue our discussion on conducting more effective sales conversations, we discuss the importance of initiating a high value conversation with prospects and clients, Unlike the legacy sales conversations that focus on the features and benefits of the seller’s offering the “value conversation” positions sellers as a true professional with the prospect at the center of the conversation. Successfully executing the value conversation in the context of the sales cycle, will help distinguish you from your competitors.

In this next workshop: Karen and Austin will help you bring value to your sales conversations.

Facilitator Bio -Austin Tenette, MBA

Austin Tenette is a Certified Executive Leadership and Business Coach with the FocalPoint Coaching and Training organization, committed to helping leaders and owners unleash the potential of their organizations to achieve “Better Business Results”. Austin also serves as Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Houston Community College collaborating annually with over 200 entrepreneurs and business owners seeking to create, optimize and scale their business concept.
Prior to FocalPoint, Austin was a successful business development executive with two of the world’s largest professional services firms. Within one of the world’s largest security organizations, Austin served as a corporate strategist, director of training and development for a 10,000-employee business unit, and vice president of a $42 million business unit consisting of 1,700 employees and 300 client relationships.
Facilitator Bio: Karen Yeates, MBA

Karen Yeates is a Keynote Speaker, Business Strategist, Educator, Career and Business Coach with The Center for Transformational Leadership. She works with individuals and organizations to amplify their communication, connection, and confidence so they can make an influential impact on the world. She mentors with passion, guiding her clients to effectively strengthen and elevate their leadership vision to new heights.

With over 15 years of corporate training experience in Fortune 500 companies, a knack for making meaningful connections with audiences and an insatiable appetite for helping others maximize their potential. Karen is passionate about people, leadership, and successful businesses. She takes her message on the road to universities, conferences, and workshops across the country. Karen is especially inspired to help people take their careers – and themselves – to unprecedented levels. She serves as an adjunct professor at the United States University, San Diego, CA.